6 Man Bunk Bed Trailers

The six man bunk bed trailers include 8 individual beds with spring mattresses and privacy curtains.

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10 Man Bunk Bed Trailers

The ten man bunk bed trailer includes 10 individual beds for the man camp or for emergency response locations.

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14 Man Bunk Bed Trailers

The fourteen man bunk bed trailer offers an optional restroom at the rear of the floor plan.

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We offer Bunk Bed Trailer Models in several sizes and with Key Features...

These trailers have individual beds with privacy curtains at each bed.  Also, every bed also includes a phone shelf, an electrical receipt, and a reading light.  Additionally, upgraded spring mattress provides cool sleep, rather than a hot foam bed pad. Also, the trailers are built in several space saving models beginning with a six bed trailer, and offering a much larger variety of multi-bed floor plans.

Additional Value Features Available...

Importantly, the bed trailers are offered with climate controlled temperature. For example, the trailer features roof mounted air conditioning and electric or gas heat.  Firstly, optional an restroom are built into most floor plans with an optional a shower.  Finally, a large waste holding built in tank is offered with the bed trailer. Value features shown below.

  • Firstly, available restroom with sink & toilet or shower.
  • Secondly, under bunk storage drawers is optionally available.
  • Thirdly, bunk trailer privacy curtains.
  • Fourthly, additional electrical receipts optionally available.
  • Fifthly, mattress bunk beds are upgraded spring beds.
  • Sixthly, coat hooks standard in bunk bed trailer.
  • Seventhly, coat closet or storage closet on most floor plans.
  • Eighthly, individual windows and most bunk locations.
  • Privacy shades on bunk room trailer windows.
  • Large waste holding tanks available built into trailer.
  • Finally, additional air conditioning systems available.
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